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Hello everybody,

I recently built a pc (my first) with following components :

  • AsRock X570 Aqua
  • AMD Ryzen 3900
  • Asus strix OC RTX 2080 ti
  • Thermaltake Pacific PR22 d5
  • 2 * 480 Radiators
  • 1 * 360 Radiators
  • 18 fans on all those radiators - Different brands
  • 2TB SSD Samsung Nvme
  • 8TB HDD Toshiba
  • Full waterloop on CPU + GPU.
I recently aquired 2 RTX 3090 FE and I would like to upgrade my rig with those 2 + changing all fans to same brand ( Thinking of Corsair LL120 RGB 120mm Dual Light Loop RGB ) and few things like changing all fittings into Quick Disconnect fittings, also the PSU to 1600Mw to handle the 2 RTX, and add a Power controller in the back.

I am looking for someone whom would be able to do it :

  • Dry the loop - I have no valve, I know fun job to dry it :)
  • Remove the RTX 2080 ti.
  • Place the new GPUs. - I can do the placing of the waterblocks before.
  • Place new fans ( removing old ones).
  • Place new PSU + Power Controller.
  • Refill the loop.
If anyone would be able to perform such a task, please let me know how much, how long, etc... and we can discuss by PM.

Thank you everybody and take good care, stay safe !
I wonder if this pump can handle such a loop with Quick Disconnect fittings also. That would probably introduce extra resistance in the loop. Also these massive radiators, two GPUs. Would take quite a bit of planning.

Also, how are you planning to address all the RGB and PWM for such a massive amount of fans? You wouldn't be able to run that off a single Commander Pro I believe. You probably need two Commander Pros. I'm planning on running 9 from a single Commander Pro with an RGB hub but also using the additional Lighting Node PROs that came with the LL120 3-pack.

While I'm going to use my LL120 for the radiators they don't have the best static pressure. I've compensated for that by chosing two slim 360mm radiators with little air resistance. Depending on the radiators you have the LL120 might not be the best option in terms of static pressure. Something to consider since you're buying them new anyway.

What do you mean exactly by "Power Controller" a FAN controller for both PWM and RGB like the Corsair Commander Pro? Or are you going with something like Aquacomputer components, they can handle Corsair fans also. I'm going with the iCUE ecosystem since I'm using that now and I've ordered these RGB adapter cables so I can control the D-RGB from my water blocks and case also using iCUE.

Huge project, hopefully it will work as you want it.
Hello Maneekino,

Thank you for your reply.
So far the rig is running 18 fans and it works pretty well, I am hiting the 42° on Ultra Settings for Cyberpunk 2077 for ex.
I have the Phantek Enthoo Elite case which comes with 2 power controller oni the back for couple of fans ( pretty handy).

I didnt' know for the Quick Disconnect fittings, I am kind of new so good point, I will then have two pump/reservoir, allocate one rad to the CPU and 2 rads for both GPU. Should be good ?
Would you recommend them ?

I had in mind indeed to buy 2 Corsair Commander Pro indeed to centralize all (Power + RGB) requirements in a packed way.

What do you think?
I feel like I'm way out of my depth giving you advice :D this is a build for big boys. I haven't done a custom loop yet, hopefully this Christmas holiday, I'm waiting on my parts. But I did a lot of research (I think about two weeks and over 30 hours) ending up with this part list.

Your cable management challenges alone are nightmare inducing :D, but it's going to be so satisfying to get this right. If this were my build I would probably try and measure each power and data cable and order them in custom length/color/sleeving to make it absolutely perfect.

The fan cable management is going to be a nightmare with PWM+RGB. You could consider the Lian Li UNI fan system which allows you to daisy chain them to a maximum of 4 leaving only a two cables for PWM+RGB. I wonder if that can integrate into the iCUE system or Aquacomputer stuff.

Do you have temperature sensor(s) in your loop to control the fan speed based on the coolant temperature? That's my plan at least, I do it now also with my Corsair AIO cooler. Both iCUE and Aquasuite can do this. I have no experience with Aqausuite but I've watched a couple of YouTube videos and it looks like good software.

For aesthetic reasons I probably wouldn't want to have Quick Disconnect fittings. I think this is more appropriate in a Test Bench situation but not for a production build. What kind of tubing do you have now, soft or hard?

With such a big case and the fact that you have two RTX 3090s (lucky guy ;)) I would probably do two separate loops. I would run the CPU loop of a single 480mm radiator and then run the two GPUs through the other 480mm and 360mm.

By default you can run 6 fans from a single Commander Pro for PWM. I'm planning on doing 9 with 2-way splitters but the 3 extra will have PWM only no RGB. This should be doable but there is a limit to what kind of power you can draw from a single Commander Pro. I've read that 3-way splitters do not work and can break your Commander Pro.

The LL120 3-pack comes with a RGB hub and a Lighting Node PRO. The RGB hub can control the RGB for 6 fans also. There are multiple ways to do this I think. You could use 3 Commander Pros and 3 RGB hubs, this will give you exactly 18 PWM+RGB headers. Then you could use the Lighting Node PROs that come with the LL120 3-pack also to connect other D-RGB stuff like RGB water blocks if you have them. But you would need the adapter cables I mentioned in my previous post.

Other options are maybe using generic D-RGB hubs or controllers. You need to keep in mind that there is a limit to the amount of D-RGB LEDs you can run on a single connector. Each LL120 fan has 16 LEDs and the QL120 have 34(!). I believe the maximum amount of LEDs you can rung through a single Lighting channel on the Commander Pro or Lighting Node PRO is 60.

This is a build that needs a lot of planning for RGB and also the PWM control if you want a perfect silent system. Not even mentioning if you have any kind of "theme" in mind in terms of color.

And yes, you definitely want to have a drain installed for both loops in the future for maintenance.
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Thank you for all this. Much appreciated.
I have soft tubing as I tried with hard at the beginin but was too much of hassle so I gave up. I have a temperature sensor indeed that I plugged in between CPU and a Rad to check from time to time, but I control fans from the software.

God, I was already done with the first build and now going to this upgrade is just killing me...thinking of all the work ^^
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