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Chilling Time!! But not without your help..


New member
Greeting fellow enthusiasts, (sorry for the double post but I had no choice the international section is ghost town)
First things first, thanks for welcoming me into the forum. Then, I really need some help for a future purchase; I do intend to build a water cooling custom loop, and I'm integrating a water chiller in the "mix :icon_super:" which a first time and I don't know which one is more suited for my needs, these are the components I intend to cool:
Asus Maximus 8 Formula.
i7 6700k (overclocked to 4.8 GHz, 1.45 V ).
Tow Asus GTX Asus GTX 980 ti DC3 OC Strix (not yet overclocked, only the"factory boost", yet the upper one hits easily 84° when the v-sync is disabled).
Four kingston Hyperx Predator DDR 4 modules (XMP activated).
I have all the blocks, fittings and of course the tubes.
So shall I go for this one:
Or this one:
And do I need other parts?
In advance, thanks a lot.

Ok, I get it now thanks a lot. In fact, when I started looking around for some visual aid, I came across a build with an included chiller, the had also a reservoir and that's what confused me. Thanks a lot guys you were really most helpful I appreciate that.
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