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Subarist - Maickel - Project Subi


Who is this guy ?!
My name is Maickel and i live in the capital city of Limburg, Maastricht. And i drive a Subaru forester 1991, the first forester of its kind. That car is special of its own since it's a storm chaser vehicle. Yes I know everybody laughs at it, but times will change, so is the weather. Ok back to me and the things I like to do. I'm a nerdy nerd and build PC's from when the floppy disks looked like a small LP player and when u had 1mb of disk space you were the man! On my left-hand stands the latest build. Nothing modded like I always wanted to do but that will probably change. I can't spend a lot of cash into modding everything, but I want to pick it up again.

What about the rest?
The rest of my backstory is that I'm married and have a nice son called Menno. I am self-employed, run two businesses that started with a hobby. And next to the photographing, storm chasing and weather monitoring on outdoor events, I'm also staff of the explorers of the Dutch Scouts in Maastricht, do like to game (PS4 you can show some love by adding me: GraphicNizor) and LOVE outdoor hiking! I'm a fan of old rock and metal, but Pink Floyd, MUSE are my two favorites. I speak Dutch but i prefer the English language in my build logs because I hope my mods get out there in the world. I know, a dull reason but my English needs some improvements anyway. The two flies rule applies! Hope to see some nice builds up here, learn a few things and help people along the way. That's kinda what i like. To be around people and help them as much as I can. That's why this coronavirus is messing up my good vibes.

Highflow, how and when?
This is actually funny as hell, as they don't know me, I know them for sure. Highflow is a company that started looooong before those other cool cowboys came along. Actually Highflow is the first ever, online shop i bought some pc stuff, And to be more hilarious, I have the radiator from
XSPC still here with 6 fans on them in a push-pull mounted way. Ill post a pic later on. Anyhow, there were actually 3 big boys that started this business and all of them are still here. But if you talk about the price, versus customer care, Highflow is the way to go. Yes, you pay a bit more, but you get some nice help. All those other guys? Forget it! They may be cheap but their customer service is a pain in the buttocks!

What is your current PC status!
Time to get something new! I have a case from Bitfenix with some nice hardware in it. But its slow. As my gear is more demanding by every year that passes i need to upgrade my camera gear. But my PC, which I build myself, is now 10 years old. Some specs to keep the lovely geeks of my back, a copy and paste DXDIAG

  1. BOARD: MSI Z87-G45
  2. BIOS: V1.9 (type: UEFI)
  3. CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4771 CPU @ 3.50GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.5GHz (unlocked)
  4. MEM: Corsair Vengeance 16GB RAM
  5. VGA: AMD Radeon HD 6900 Series
  6. SOUND: Realtek Digital Output (Realtek High Definition Audio
  7. PSU: Thermaltake 1100w
  8. CASE: Bitfenix, not sure wich model
  9. OS: Windhoos 10 Professional
  10. MON: Double Eizo 24"
  11. KB: Thermaltake MEKA
  12. MOUSE: CM Storm Sentinel Advance II
  13. MOUSEPAD: None
  14. HS: none
  15. SPRS: a 15-year-old Logitech Z-5500 THX, which i repaired since the sound quality will never be so good with the new models.
  16. Koeling: Now its basic, but i hope that changes fast!
What brought you to this forum?
At first the build log, it's been so long since I ever did make something that costs me 3K! And I know this build is going to be a pain in the ass as well. Since I never did hard tube bending, ever! I want to make more PC models and I'm not sure how I'm going to do it. But I'm going to try at least! And that's why I want to document my special build. It's going to be a based p5 case that i gradually going to mod. And it screams my name and this will be the best thing I builded. IF i pull this off...

Anything else?
Yes! Stay indoors, cough in your elbow..... and stay cool! I hope you like the build(s) im going to create. Let it be known that I talk alot. Since my creativity is always at an insane level since ADHD is some extra care package that I handle for the last 39 years. If I sound rude, that's impossible for two simple reasons, one, this is plain text and two, i always like to help people. So please don't be mad if i sound angry or ask dumb questions. Its the way i am. no filter, a lot of energy and very, i mean INSANELY enthusiastic! Hope you guys are awesome and i have a grait time here!

Heres a pic of my car.

Laatst bewerkt:
Hi(flow) Freddy! I'm going to thank you for your comment! I always like to introduce myself properly, its not introduce your name and PC right?
Anyway, im going to catapult you with a question right away! I've seen somewhere that Highflow also engraves stuff. Is there a place where I can check what you guys can deliver? As im going to build a Subaru themed PC i need some logo carvings into Plexiglas, bits of metal and a custom fan grill is needed. Can you help this guy?
Check, amazing machine you've got there, I think we are going to need each other in the nearby future. As I'm a suck up for modelling and using 3d printing editing, I hope you can take that part of me. Is it ok if I PM you when I need some stuff? Or do you have a request topic that i can use? If not, that might be a great idea to open one ;)
Off course I can. Actually I started storm chasing 10 years ago when it was booming after the movie twister came out. But I always loved thunderstorms when I was little. So it's not strange that after I've seen that movie, I started chasing storms and learning about them. Nowadays I'm a festival meteorologist and active storm spotter in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. The car itself is an all wheel drive Subaru forester from the 90s. On the roof is meteorological equipment that measures everything from humidity to UV-radiation, I also have a lightning detector on the roof and some other stuff that keeps me connected to the internet. The purpose is to detect heavy thunderstorms, report them and if a tornado appears call the emergency services. I have actually caught 1 tornado, not up close but from a mile or 2. Creating havoc on a German village near the Dutch border. That moment when you drive trough that street, its breathtaking. All of the people personal belongings were blown out on the streets, trees and neighbors rooftops. Trees as big as they get snapped like it was nothing. Cars smashed by bricks. You never get that image out of your head were people grab their things on the street in shock. I said before in my first post, I like to help people. That's the main reason I'm doing this. I'm not an attention addict. I just have respect for mother nature's rampage now and then. Off course the tornadoes and thunderstorms here are nothing compared to the USA where complete towns are wiped from the face of the earth. But even small ones can make you homeless in about 10 seconds.
So thats where my car is for, chasing big thunderstorms and loving the fact that I drive a Subaru, to my opinion the best car ever build.Rochefort-Julich-chase-29-april-0455.jpg

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