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[CIP] The eYe


het is helaas engels want ik heb alles uitgetypt voor de internationale forums, en ik heb geen zin om nog een keer alles te gaan uittypen.

hello everybody, if your reading this it means my build is already complete :) because of the rules of the contest where this case was made for I could not post any pictures before the end of the contest.
so prepare yourself for some 250+ pictures of the build I made :p
before I begin I want to show you the renders of the case, these were made with solidworks and therefore the coolant is not there like most people use in sketchup:

also a chiller was made but it had a separate build log so I'm not going to post that again. you can find it with Dutch description here: http://forum.highflow.nl/f34/super-cool-14427/
just use Google translate :p the rest of the build will be here ;)
first of I want to start by showing everybody the tools I used during this build:
my drills:

my end mills:

the belt an disk sander:

my el cheapo disk grinder:

ferm drill press:

bosch blue jigsaw:

my self designed and build cnc machine(700mmx550mm range)

update 2 mdf gpu prototype and first plexi window
I already had some sketchup file of the graphics card so with a little adjustment I started the work for the full cover gpu block. of course first starting with a cheap material like mdf for prototype:

it took about 3 tries before I got it right, luckily it took only 2 mins of time to make a prototype :)
that day also the copper arrived(80*500*5mm bars)

I also made the first of 2 side windows:

update 3 the top window
I started making the top window but unfortunately it was not good enough by my standards so later on I will be redoing it, but it shows the evolving process so no harm showing it:
first prepared with a 1,5mm 1flute end mill:

next with a 3mm end mill to make the waterway and the inside of the letters:

next couple are the result:

the last one shows why I didn't use it, too many scratches and the letters are awful :p
update 4 start of the reservoir:
first I will show you the materials I got that day:
the biggest piece is 5mm 100x50cm next biggest is 20mm thick and will be used for the cpu cooler, ram cooler, mosfet cooler and the Southbridge cooler. the last piece will be used for the reservoir's(there are 2)

also some acrylic pipes(12mm and 7mm)

in the evening I started milling the reservoir, first part was done with a 8mm 1f end mill:
it is going to be a 2 part reservoir that is combined into one.

the finished first piece:

next I made the white acrylic top plate for the middle reservoir:

finally I made the top plate of the outside reservoir:

as you can see there are 5 inlets/outlets on the reservoir, this is done because the water can go in front of the middle reservoir via the sling, but this can be very restrictive so I made a parallel line with a valve to be able to regulate the flow.
here are some pictures of the res with some fluid inside(this is not the final fluid)

update 5 new top window:
as I said before the top window was not up to my standards so I redid it with better letters and this time no scratches:

update 6 cpu cooler:
I wanted to do something different so I designed my own water block for the cpu. the biggest difference is that this block does not use any matter heat transfer plate like normal cpu blocks, instead it forces the water do go directly over the ihs. this removes the disadvantage of the TIM and extra material which compensates for the loss of surface.

at the bottom there will be an extra plate so it's not finished jet.
update 7 cpu cooler part 2:
first I want to show you a vid of the 3d milling:
this was done with an 3mm ball nose mill.
and here are the results:

this concludes the top part of the cpu block, next is the final part: the bottom chamber.

the block was originally designed to be able to accept a 12mm tube without a fitting but this didn't work to well so I didn't use it in the end, now that it is finished I have found a way to do this in a proper way. but that will not be used in this build anymore.
one last one of the cpu cooler without the cpu installed:

update 8 top window with fluid inside:

it's not finished yet because I still need to make a pump top and reservoir onto it.
update 9 ram cooler:
the next piece on the list is the ram cooler, I designed it for the corsair dominator series. the nice thing is that it has the inlet and outlet on the sides so no stupid tubing on the top.
first is the plexi piece:

and finally the copper bottom:
as you can see the copper plate is sunk into the Plexiglas piece so it shows no copper to the sides.

the completed part:

update 10 the gpu block (copper part)
I had finished the mdf prototype and it fit nicely so now it is time to move on to the real deal:

milling with a 1mm 2f end mill to make the slots:

finally a test mount:

and all the made parts together:
WOW...lekker zeg!! Ik vind die cpu-top echt een vet design! :) Dat Highflow reservoir idem!!
Dat 2e coolermaster tekst was inderdaad vele malen beter dan de eerste!.

Echt tegek om te zien hoe dit alels gewoon zo met de hand wordt gemaakt, zeker wanneer je de tools ervoor hebt :). Ga je dat GPU block nog nickle-platen?
XD......tnx wwicked. Zag die post nou net weer niet, haha.
Das ook lekker handig Skyrip, buildlog plaatsen en dan het uiteindelijke resultaat al in een andere post tekoop zetten....:doubt:

Edit:...had de gehele buildlog op HW.info niet gezien XD...
Laatst bewerkt:
de gpu en het ram hadden vernikkeld kunnen worden maar dat zat helaas niet in het budget en het zou ook niet veel hebben bijgedragen aan het eindresultaat denk ik.

als je bovenaan leest kun je al zien dat hij al helemaal af is :p maar het gaat meer om het build proces dan het eindresultaat vind ik zelf, de totale buildlog plaats ik ook over een tijdspanne van 3 a 4 dagen. anders is het in 1 keer 400 tot 500 foto's ofzo posten :p
update 11 mdf mosfet prototype and copper base plate:
for the mosfet coolers I made again a prototype of mdf and after some tries it fit nicely:

next I made the copper bottoms:

finally I made the Plexiglas tops, as you can see the top one connects directly to the cpu cooler.

update 12 the Southbridge cooler and pipe work:
next on the list was the Southbridge cooler, I again made a prototype (no pictures this time) and after that I made the copper part:

and a nice overview again of the made parts:

next I made the plexi top for the Southbridge and did a part of the pipes to connect the Southbridge with the mosfet:

finally I connected the pipes form the top mosfet to the side mosfet making the circle complete:

as you can see it fits perfectly with the psu connector:

testing it with some fluid:

some pics to show how it will look like in the case:

next up are the 7mm pipes to connect the ram cooler to a g1/4 port:

drying nicely in uv light( this makes the glue harden without creating bubbles or shrinkage of the glue.)

update 13 making the framework:
because the case will have a different shape than the original I had to make a extra frame on top of the original, this will consist of 2 L profiles on top of each other to give more strength and also making the new panels flush with the profiles.

after the alu part was done I began grinding the case in preparation of the glue (epoxy) this will glue the profiles to the original framework. also I did some mayor gutting of the case making it 60% lighter :p this is done to make place for the other components.

finally I glued it all together:

update 14 gpu block completed:
today I made the top part of the gpu block, nothing special but it has to be shown:

bottom part of the gpu block, bolts are nicely flush with the copper

mounted with the other components:

overview again: :p

update 15 adjusting the fans:
because some panels with fans will be up to 15mm thick I have decided to change the fans so that the fans remain at a nice distance(same as would be with a 1mm thick sheet metal)

I will show you how I did the work, first I marked with a scratch pen where the cut should be, next I covered the part that shouldn't be cut with painters tape.

I put a old rotor cap of a broken fan on the coils so the cant be damaged

next I cut it with my jigsaw, the flat part with a small saw and the corners with a longer model, this enables you to cut I all the way round without hitting the rotor/coils.

then I cut around it to remove excess material that could block the view.

and finally the fans together with the side window:

update 16 getting some water-cooling parts
because I make almost every water-cooling part myself I only needed to buy some pumps, radiators and coolant making it much less expensive and more special

also I normally don't really like the braid type but because it is for a contest I bought some extenders for the gpu and the 24 pin connector.
also got some fittings for the reservoir:

and got some new screws to make it more professional:

and some nice aurora water-cooling porn :p

the alphacool pump I will be using for the top window because it is small and low power, just what I need.

also no kudos to alphacool because when I asked if they could provide me with dimensions of the pump they simply refused, the bastards :p luckily I can measure them myself but that is not how it should be. it's not like I was asking for the complete design, just some measurements.
also I would not recommend the pump for real setups because it is quite noisy and not at all powerful.

update 17 making of the Laing pump top
because I wanted to make everything myself I made a pump top for 2 loops out of a single block, geometry is kind of like that of a xspc but with some modifications to make it better(I hope :p)

as you can see the pump is sunk into the top just like the ram cooler, this makes it easier to mount the pumps.

update 18 alphacool pump top and completion of the top window:
I still needed to make a reservoir for the alphacool pump and also a top for it, of course with little space left I combined both of them into one:

the geometry is not as good as with the Laing pump tops because there is a lot less space left making it harder to design.
finally I glued the top window and also the res/pump top together completing this part:

I also got a movie of the top window for you guys first one is at 12v second one at 7v

update 19 start of the plate work:
that day I finally got the alu panels, unfortunately it was 10 days late but what can you do...

first I made 1 side panal, this was done with a 3mm 1f end mill(very sharp)
note: the white stuff will be removed later on.

next is the second side panel with the hole for the 12 piece Tec chiller:
(this panel will be redone because some parts didn't fit.

test fit with the window and chiller:

after that was complete I did the top panel and the back panel:

the case is really beginning to take shape now :)

the chiller:

now the front panel:

finally I made the tilted panel which will hold the radiators:

update 20 some more pipe bending:
next thing to do was to make the pipes on the back to connect the 2 radiators parallel:
I took me 6 tries to get 2 correct ones but in the end it looks great.

I made a hole in the pipe so I could glue another onto it in the middle

gluing and drying with some uv light:

progress so far:
update 21 the alu front bars:
I designed some nice alu parts for the front, in the end it didn't work because during the milling we had a power failure at our house making the cnc machine lose its coordinates, so in the end I opted for acrylic parts.
just to show you I did try here are the results:

the design:

so here are the results of the part out of Plexiglas:

update 22 the front window and the keystone:
the front window will be made of 10mm thick plexi plate this plate will be covering the entire front plate space and will also sink the panels into it so the look nice and flush:
the front view:

the back:

update 23 the msi logo and some more stuff :p
originally I wanted to incorporate the msi logo into the alu panels, unfortunately that didn't work out so great so I removed it from the design, because the case has to feature the sponsor I made special logos out of red Plexiglas:

as you can see on the next picture it shows how little is left of the original fan frame:

front and angled panel together:

update 24 painting the profiles
because I really like the way brushed alu looks I don't want to spoil it with too much paint. all alu was also no option because it made the lines of the case disappear, so I made the profiles black and the rest is just alu:

testing it with some lights:

update 25 test assembly:
finally I got the last pieces of the case complete so now it's time for some more pictures :p

lighting in the back part:

update 26 electronics and tubing:
today I worked on the temperature regulating electronics, it's a simple comparator with hysteresis system but it works well.

update 27 case completed:
about the Tec based chiller I just wanted to say it runs @ 6v(2 in series) and they are 12705 teks meaning they have about 55w max cooling @ max voltage. cooling power should be around 500w max. when I tested the chiller it gave the following results:
air temperature: 22 degrees Celsius
warm loop temp: ~36 degrees
cold loop temp: 12 degrees
this was done in idle mode(desktop) but of course no insulation. target for this chiller is to remain at a constant water temperature of around 20 degrees(full load) I need the chiller for that because the entire system is cooled by 2 30mm thick el cheapo 120mm radiators. if I were to add an 360 radiator to the back temperatures of around 0 degrees can be achieved
because I didn't want to show everything at once there are a lot of pictures here of the separate components with the final cooling fluid inside:
first up is the reservoir:
there are still a lot of bubbles inside afterwards they have been removed for a better look.

I also got a video of the water-cooling components:

update 28 more pictures :p
no description because I'm quite lazy at the moment just finished writing 22 pages of build log in English :p

update 29 change of plans:
last minute i decided i wanted to paint the side, top and back panels black
i also needed to do some cleanup work on the inside so via the top panel you can only see what i want you to see. so i made a plate to go in the front of the case:

next is 2 pictures showing the before and after:

next problem i had was that the chiller i made broke down, due to a foolish mistake i injected the block with the wrong kind of silicone, this one i used had to cure for about 6 months given the depth of block. so this time i decided to make a super reliable chiller made out of copper :)
next is some pictures of me milling it:

finished the first side:

nice and polished back :)

second one done:

finally i finished making the cover plates:

because the previous chiller was about 2cm on each side bigger i had to paint some plexiglass black so you dont see the ugly wires on the other side, i also mounted the temperature regulator.

update 30 getting close to the end. again....
first picture is of the chiller on the side installed with fluid inside:

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