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My Folding WC Loop


New member

Was asked to post my project in here, have finally managed to register ;)

Feel free to move this thread if you feel it will still be understood in the relevant non-English spoken sub-boards.

Full thread: Folding Frenzy going Under-Water













Further Info

Please note that the build is not finished yet. I needed my computer up and running quickly so I could get back into the folding@home side of things. I'm moving to France for a 1 year internship in 1 month (my home country) therefore I will still need to drain the loop ready for transport over there.

The additional parts that will combine to complete my project:

1x EVGA GTX 560 Ti FPB to replace the EVGA GT 440 in slot 4
1x EK-FC560 Block for GTX 560 Ti
1x RX480 Radiator
Many more bitspower fittings
2x Male/Female Koolance Quick-Disconnects for the RX480 sitting externally.
5x Gentle Typhoons (1850rpm)

I will also be switching the existing loop around a bit to accomodate the last parts + moving the CPU position in the loop from last to first (as CPU doesn't add so much heat to the entire loop there is little sense in having it after lal teh very hot GPUs).

Full system specs:

ASUS Rampage III Extreme
Intel Core i7 930 @4Ghz (1.275v)
Corsair AX1200 PSU
Coolermaster HAF 932
Crucial M4 64Gb SSD
WD1002FAEX Caviar Black 1TB HDD
WD10EAVS Caviar Green 1TB HDD
EK/XSPC/D5 Laing/Bitspower/Tygon/Koolance watercooling parts
Gentle Typhoon 1850rpm fans (8x)
6-way Scythe Fan Controller


Laatst bewerkt:


New member
Thanks :)

Much measuring and planning went into the SLI linkage between the top card (GTX 580) and the first GTX 560 Ti below it. In teh end I decided on my own little U shaped link. The reason I didn't simply link up the first from the left in/out port on the GTX 580 and the second from the left in/out port on the GTX 560 Ti is because they do not line-up. (By about 2mm).

My CPU sees no difference over air cooled when using a Titan Fenrir (this is because it is currently temporarily in last position in my loop meaning it is getting all the hot water from my GPUs - temporary measure now). Therefore, when folding it can get from 70C to 80C.

My GPU's used to sit around 90C in this British weather. They now sit at 48-51C which is excellent for me!


Nice loop, very distinguishing from others.
What folding team are you on, if any?
I've been looking to join up folding a million milestones but I haven't taken the time yet to introduce myself properly with the full GPU and multi CPU software.


Hardware Enthuisiast
Welcome at the forums, and that's a nice setup you got there. You have used different camera's to make the pictures, some are very good quality, but others are very bad :(


New member
Xelation, be careful what you wish for though :p You may get a nasty shock when you see how much you're actually using. XD

Indeed the pics aren't fabulous.

Camera #1: iPhone 3GS
Camera #2: Logitech webcam C910 (I find teh autofocus on it really works well).

Once the project is totally 100% finished, i'll be buying the Nikon D5100 or D7000 (for ability to use my aunt's older AF lenses). Hopefully then i'll have some nicer pics for you :)


Off-topic Extraordinaire
Hmm indeed, just bought a dryer for the laundry. To get one wash closetdry takes 2,5 hours, am curious about the bill by the end of they year :p

- Verzonden vanaf mijn iPhone 4 met TapaTalk.


Hardware Enthuisiast
Once the project is totally 100% finished, i'll be buying the Nikon D5100 or D7000 (for ability to use my aunt's older AF lenses). Hopefully then i'll have some nicer pics for you :)
Haha, That would be a good idea. I've got a Nikon D5000 myself, a great bang for buck, so the D5100 would be even better. Good choice!


New member
Xelation, when this little system is folding full pelt it dries our laundry in half a day. (We rack it up on clothing racks in the room).

Fedmas, Bit torn between the D5100 and D7000 :( D7000 has a motor in the actual camera making it far easier to use old AF Nikkor lenses from SLR's (those that dont have motors in the lenses). D5100 doesnt have that so it relies on motor in the new lenses to focus I believe. Manual focus required if you use old macro lenses like my aunt's.


Don't know if you're still checking these forums, but kinda wanted to inform you that I've joined team EVGA :)
I also noticed you sneaking around on those forums so I might give you a shout out some day soon :p


New member
Yep :) Plus I get email updates everytime a new post is made.

I have fnished moving to France for my 1 year internship.

I have built a 2nd rig inside an SR-2 DangerDen Torture Rack with a few GTX 460 EE's.

We also have a folding contest over at EVGA at the moment :) Don't hesitate to shoot me a pm when you're over there. :)

I need to update the pics on my thread here as I rebuilt the loop (GTX 580 and 3x GTX 560 Ti now) + RX480.
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