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Antec Performance One P280


- Naam product: Antec Performance One P280
- Naam fabrikant: Antec
- Omschrijving product:

Sophisticated Performance Refined

Sophisticated and cutting-edge, the P280 emphasizes the ease of use, quiet technology and unparalleled performance characteristic of Antec's Performance One series. This advanced enclosure comes equipped with features that will maximize your PC experience, from Quiet Computing™ panels & HDD drive bays, to grommet-lined cable routing holes with ample space behind the motherboard tray. The P280 accommodates motherboards up to XL-ATX and includes nine expansion slots to support up to four 13.0" / 330 mm graphics cards. And with convenient tool-less optical drive bays, easy-access front & bottom PSU intake air filters, two front panel USB 3.0 ports and an affordable price, you get an elite enclosure that will last you for builds to come.

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- Productpagina andere webshops en prijs: comcom.nl +- 130,-

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