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Best D5 Pump?

  • Aquacomputer D5 Next

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  • EKwb D5

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  • Singulartiy D5

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New member
This last Build and retubing on my Corsair 900D
Case has Custom Midplate long version side and hard drive plates are from cold zero, the build has 13 Cougar rgb fans hpb and spb version , 6 D RGB led strips, 2 12volt strips akasa with two cougar rgb contollers ,and 1 coolermaster D Rgb splitter 4 way one 5 way akasa D RGb 4 way splitter and one akasa Rgb 12 volt splitter 5 way. Tubbing is all by Ekwb 12/16mm and fittings are Ekwb and alphacool and some are Xspc. Reservoir is Xspc photon 270 d5 with 5mm rgb led from Xspc , Pump which for me is the best on the marker for functionality and power is Aquacomputer d5 next amazing. The Radiators are top one is Xspc Rx v3 480 bottom side one Ekwb coolstream PE-480. Flow meters are two Barrow D RGB LRC2.0. , CPU block Ekwb Velocity D RGB . Motherboard is Aorus Master with an 9900ks intel processor, Memory Corsair Vengeance Rgb Pro 3600 32 Gb.There are two NVME on corsair P600 1 Terabyte and one samsung 970 Pro 512Gb. Graphics Card Is an Aorus 2080 Xtreme Ti. The Watercooling build has being modified 3 time since last year From Soft tubing to hard tubing 10/12mm and then to 12/16mm . The Rgb Fusion by gigabyte works with everything syncs all on all devices with no problems. All Watercooling Parts Have being Purchased by Highflow .


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New member
I would go for gigabyte z390 it all depends what you want to spend like there is the waterforce extreme z390 which for me is amazing but also very expensive a aorus mastee z390 revisIon 2 is perfect . As for rgb there is alot to choose from plus gigabyte has done alot of work on fixing there rgb fusion software