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R9-290x system, Advise for watercooling setup please


New member
Hi there,

I'm quite new to watercooling and looking for a setup to cool my new R9-290x graca.
Is there are no "closed loops" availbale ATM I'm wondering what I should be needing.

Can you guys help me out here? Don't need the topnotch cooling but would love to get my card at a 55°c temp.
Had a 7970 with an Artic cooling which had 55° on full loads en thta is what I'm looking at

A side note, the cooling is there to cool, not to look great, so I'm looking for an efficient setup. Not a blazing looking one!

EK-FC R9-290X - Nickel & EK-FC R9-290X Backplate - Black are needed. The last part to passively cool the VRAM's extra!
Looking at this pump/reservoir: EK-D5 X-RES 140 CSQ - Acetal and this radiator EK-CoolStream RAD XTC (280) with these coolers: Noiseblocker NB-Blacksilent XK1 of course I need some tubing and fittings.

All of this has to be put in an HAF-X case. Any suggestions or idea's what I should do otherwise?
The downisde is that this package gets me around 300€! :(

I'm glad to hear out what is possible/doable!
I'm a handyman, but making a lot of things custom I don't like to much, specially because its all expensive hardware.

Kind regards,

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