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Rocker Rectangular Switch - Black with White LED


I Love my NUC
Staat nog 2x green in ja.

Even Freddy het wat makkelijker maken:

Rocker Rectangular Switch - Black with White LED
This switch is based on a mechanism that has proven itself millions of times. It is extremely rugged and durable (ball switch). Outstandingly looking round rocker switch with satin mate surface and white LED. The switch has a distinctive contact response. Simple installation with notched retention mechanism for case wall thicknesses between 0,75 and 3mm. Secure hold in the case due to tolerance equalization notches in the switch case. Caulked connectors for secure contact and installation of the push-on contacts. The LED lights up when the switch is in ON-position.

Technical details:
Color: Black with white lit rocker
Unipolar switch 16A / 250V~
Two positions: ON and OFF
Rocker: I / O Imprint
Connector: Solder connector
Cutout size for front plate: 17,0 x 12,9 mm
LED: 12V DC white

Extent of delivery:
1x Rocker switch LED white




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