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Nieuw: Singularity Computers Protium 2.0! Reservoirs met D-RGB


Nieuwe D5/ Reservoircombo's van Singularity Computers met vernieuwd design en bijzonder mooie RGB Verlichting. Zie beschrijving Singularity Computers onderaan.

Alle Protium 2.0 producten beschikbaar in de winkel:

Introducing Protium 2.0!⠀
Almost 5 years in the making, the next generation of Protium arrives. We considered for some time how much more could really be done to the traditional tube pump/reservoir combo, but there is always another level to reach if you work on something for long enough!⠀

Protium 2.0 achieves a whole new level of versatility and features. The unique 90-degree pump top design allows more mounting and port options than ever before. The pump top has a symmetrical port layout with 3 inlets and 3 outlets and there are ports on 4 sides even the bottom. The pump top was designed to bring a distribution plate aesthetic to the traditional tube reservoir combo. It can be mounted from 3 sides or from the bottom depending on which side you want to be visible in your build or where you would like the ports to face.⠀

The D5/Reservoir Combo has 4 inlets and 3 outlets and can be mounted from 4 different sides with 270-degree mounting and vertical mounting. The cap uses a retention ring design for 360-degree rotation and increased durability and is recessed in case of overflow during filling.⠀

There are three DRGB light positions on Proitum 2.0 which we have created custom PCBs for, the reservoir cap, the pump top and the pump cover.⠀
The mounting system is universal for mounting onto 120mm or 140mm wide radiators, fans or fan mounting positions. Ethereal Reservoir Mounts can still be used for mounting the stand alone reservoirs.⠀

The pump cover is a 3-piece design for full compatibility with all D5 pumps including the Aquacomputer D5 Next. The DRGB PCB is part of the structure of the pump top and visible from the back.⠀

Some Protium 2.0 components are backwards compatible with Protium 1.0, see product descriptions.

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