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[INACTIVE] Watercooling, 5.1 Receiver, Handy and other stuff - LOOK!

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Is that Denon receiver a stereo receiver or a surround receiver? The link you posted talks about "Virtual Surround" but something tells me that doesn't equal to true surround? Could be wrong though.
beetje google he ;)

Virtual Surround
Rock Arena
Jazz Club
Video Game
Mono Movie

It doesn't seem to be a true 5.1 surround receiver after all. Turns out it processes a stereo input and converts it into a 5.1 surround sound output creating a so called "Virtual Surround". Since I'm not sure how well this type of surround sound performs I'm going to pass on this for now and do some more research before I decide to make a purchase.
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Sry this means Mindestpreis = Sofortkauf, in most german forum you have to name a minium price and other users can bet higher, or only a sofortkauf price = instant direct buying. so you can bet the euros which i posted behind every product and the article is yours :)

Since one week we've setup english selling rules.
For more info check this topic.

I hope you can change your startpost ;)
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