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[INACTIVE] Best hardware + watercooling

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i'm selling:

-case cooler master cosmos black 160+ss

-hard disk seagate barracuda 1tb with kit revoltec +fan scythe 80+ss
-MB asus rampage extreme with waterblock bitspower 340+ss
-cpu intel q9650 200+ss
-ram ddr3 ocz 1800 mhz 60+ss
-VGA sapphire 5870 reference with waterblock ek in nickel and plexi 400+ss
-alimentatore cooler master m850 modular+ SLEEVE for vga,MB 160+ss
-radiator aircube 360 35+ss
-radiator aircube 240 25+ss
-pump (x2) swiftech ddc 350@500 euro 40+ss
-top xspc 2 pump 15+ss
-top xspc ddc 10+ss
-multioption 150 ek 20+ss
-waterblock cpu enzotech luna 40+ss
-waterblock cpu ek supreme lt nickel 20+ss
-waterblock mosfet enzotech wnp81 40+ss
-compression fittings13/10 , 20 pieces 40+ss
-6 fan xigmatek led blu 1500 giri 50+ss
-3 fan nanoxia 2000 25+ss
-2 fan nanoxia 1250 10+ss
-zalman fan controller 25+ss
picture here



You must create a selling topic according specific rules, I know our rules are written in Dutch, so maybe it's time to create an english translation :).

These rules are:

0. Full product name
1. On what date did you purchase the product?
2. How long did you use the product('s)
3. Why do you want to sell it?
4. Is the purchase receipt / invoice still present?
5. What's the condition of the product?
6. Are the standard accessories still avaible? For example: Manuals, CD's etc.)

Another important requirement is that you have to place your own pictures + a piece of paper with the date of posting, your username and the text "highflow.nl".

See the example here;


I hope you can understand me.. ;):p
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I Love my NUC
While it is a while ago that Johnny asked you to complete your topic, it still isn't done.

This topic will be closed then, when you want it to be reopened again please send me an private message.
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