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VAT on orders outside EU?


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I am from Australia and prices for much WC gear is very high here, and the range is usually very poor - so I was looking to order from your website and import it.

However, when I put my order through it still includes VAT - which I thought would be removed if I exported outside the EU (as has previously happened with my orders from the UK) - does the Dutch system work differently or is this a mistake in the cart software?



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It is still a product sold in The Netherlands so the Dutch gouverment wants a peace of the action aswell.
Our BTW system works differently from the UK VAT system.


Only when sold to consumers the dutch tax applies i guess since i dont pay nl tva when buying for my company in belgium

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It doesn't matter wether or not you are a regular consumer you always pay the taxes.
If you are buying the product for use in your Dutch based company you can get the taxes back from the tax and customs administration.


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Ok. Thank you for your prompt reply, it's a shame because the Euro prices are very good - but many shops want over €100 (I think that it was €200 from one of them even) for shipping which makes it difficult.


Order outside EU should be without VAT.
Please register and login, if the VAT is still applied to your cart, please sent us an e-mail: info@ highflow.nl


I know what I'm gonna do with my superlarge orders: send them to Australia and have it send back just to avoid having 400 euros on taxes :044: