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Thermaltake Core V1 fully customized with 200mm radiator and fully customized loop.


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I have my buildlog on Overclock.net but wanted to show it here as well, since it was highflow.nl that could find the bitspower motherboard block and other hard to find items. It is hard to get items locally as I live in Denmark.

My buildlog if interested: [Build log] Thermaltake Core V1 remake and full custom watercooling.

The build started as I was dissatisfied with the fact, that all sides, top and bottoms are interchangeable, but you can't rotate the front due to missing Mount-holes for the front io-panel. Once I "fixed that obvious flaw" my build got its own life :)

I'm still waiting on my Bitspower ram-blockBP-WBDM2AC-BK , and I have a flow sensor mps 200 that I need to replace as it is both too small (I need a 400 for swiftech mcp 35x) and it is unstable.

Images here are without the clear scratch, break and UV resistant Polycarbonat sides and top I have.

New and future sponsors are welcome, as are ideas for future builds, as this one draws to a close.

Tubing will obviously change when I get my ram-block. I have not yet decided if I want to use clear Water with White tubing or White coolan with clear tubing. Or light blue coolant with clear or white tubing.

Comments, questions or something is welcome.


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Looking good! Nice job putting all those components in such little space :)
Not much of a challenge making a good looking watercooling setup in a large cabinet (that includes Bitfenix) :)

Very satisfying planning and execute something like this.

Also did a full custom watersetup in Silverstonetek SG05 450 including watercooling on gfx-card with EKwb radiator and Swiftech Apogee Drive II (combined CPU block and MCP35x pump). Didn't look as good though, due to size constraints. Worked very well though.
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