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Problemen met GTX 680 SLI OC/BIOS/Volt mod


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Ik heb op een paar internationale forums mijn vraag gepost maar nog geen reacties gekregen en ik dacht, misschien heb ik hier meer succes.

Het is al laat dus ik kopieer in dit geval letterlijk mijn Engelse tekst (hoop niet dat jullie dat erg vinden)
Ik hoop dat ik wat goeie tips kan krijgen:

Unstable overclocking GTX 680 SLI setup (does run perfect on stock SLI settings)

Hi guys,

I just finished setting up my Water Cooled SLI setup.
It's made up of 2 reference GTX 680 card's:

Zotac ID 0

I used the same waterblock on both so i know for sure that they are a match as far as the reference part is concerned.

They are both 2GB versions and have the same stock clock settings (GPU-Z)

So here's the thing:
When i overclock the cards individually they have an awesome reach of 1303MHZ on the core and +400 on MEM.
This is something i almost never run on but, it can do Battlefield 3 for a few hours straight.

When i overclock in SLI, i can see that the boost clock mess's things up (G15 app), the slave card boosts lower and therefor uses lower voltages and so it crashes almost immediately.
I can't even slide the Cores + 40Mhz in AfterBurner or the cards crash....( yes the link for both cards is on :) )

So i used KGB to edit the BIOS (xxxx.rom) and used nvflash (-4 -5 -6) to flash the new bios (1.212v) and even then i still really can't get a decent higher clock.

I customized some bios's in a multitude of variations and it never really is stable OC beyond stock settings
Someone have some tips for me?