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Lan Party organiseren, DHCP server nodig?

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hallo ik ben johan en ben 18 jaar ik ga een lanparty organiseren met n maat van me maar ??

Ik had gelezen dat je een dhcp server nodig had voor ipadressen,maar nu las ik dat dat ook gewoon met n router kan wat kan ik nu t beste doen mvg johan


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vergeet dit niet btw!!!

WarningsDon't let people plug into each other's power strips, or "daisy chain." It's a disaster waiting to happen.
When dealing with circuit breakers, generators, or distribution boxes, you are dealing with high voltage. High voltage which can kill you! If you are not comfortable with electricity, hire an electrician.
Keep the cables neat and out of the way. Otherwise, someone is bound to trip on them. Consider taping cables down. Bunch groups of them running in the same area together really tight, and put all the slack at either end. Then run strips of strong tape (gaffers/duct) perpendicular. If you're confused about this, speak to a musician friend - it is standard practice to tape wires for sound equipment down, but computer power sources are just as at risk of being pulled out, and rarely do people think to tape them down.
For larger events, liability insurance is required. Even if you have gamers sign a waiver, you cannot make them sign their rights away. A few hundred dollars of liability insurance is better than a million dollar lawsuit.
Unreliable power is the #1 LAN party killer. People will be angry when their computer unrepentently shuts down. Make sure they are plugged into their designated sockets.
The hosts (you!) are responsible for any problems which arise, and they will arise. You may not have much time for gaming, but that is your fate as host.
Unfortunately, theft is a reality at LAN parties.
Have only one entrance and exit, and have someone there watching who comes and goes and with what.
Label anything that is not nailed down, especially as the cost-to-size ratio goes up. (Your thumb drive needs a label, the tables probably not.)
Cheating Is a worry also, so be sure to run an anti-cheat program on the Hosting server.
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