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Hardware selling rules [ENG version]

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Dear forum member,

To keep the selling threads clear, we've created some rules, which you have to follow.

Please, create threads as follows:


Contents of your thread:

0. Product name
1. On which date did you bought the product?
2. For how long did you use the product?
3. Why do you want to sell it?
4. Is the receipt/invoice still present?
5. What is the condition of the products?
6. Are there any Accessories present? (Manuals, CD's etc.)

Product photos:

Each photo of the product must contain a good visible note or a piece of paper with the following information written on it:
1) Your name
2) Date
3) HighFlow.nl

So no copy pastes from google!!
The photos must be clearly, please keep this in mind!
You must add the photos straight away and not 3 days later.

Other rules:

- Double check your post before you click on "Submit New Thread"
- Don't spam! Please stay on-topic, only respond if you're interested in the product!
- You must be in possession of the product when posting the thread!! If not, you're post will be immediately deleted with a warning.
- Respect each others threads.

Click here for a explanation.


HighFlow is not responsible for any deals or scams that might occur in the "Marketplace".

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Niet open voor verdere reacties.