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GPU/CPU, 540x180 Rad, Silverstone Raven 02


New member
Hi All,

Ever since I first started building PCs I have always preferred performance over function and noise. Getting older, however, presents a new unique perspective where new and unexpected things annoy you easily. Since I am beginning to be annoyed by the noise the Desktop produces I am considering replacing all of the cooling and PSU with something better. I am happy with the performance, but the noise.. the noise is killing me.

PC relevant hardware list:
Intel 3770K 4.6GHz@1.312v currently
EVGA 980Ti SuperClocked@1450 Core with power modded bios.
The case is(and going to be until the platstic falls apart!): Silverstone Raven 02

The case comes stock with 3 180mm FANS, which are currently replaced with some 120mm Noctua fans. Effectively what I have to work with is roughly 195x600mm base and a single 120x120mm slot on the top. Radiator + Fans bottom should not be taller than 65mm. There is plenty of headroom. So with these measurements in mind, I have formulated a plan.

1. Get a big ass radiator(like 540x180mm), with a possible backup of a fat 120x120mm, if there is not enough dissipation capacity.
2. Get quiet 180x180mm FAN that spin real slow.
3. Waterblock for CPU
4. Waterblock for GPU
5. New PSU, as the one I have is noisy at all power levels.
6. Somehow mount/hide the pump+waterblock assembly where the 3.5inch drivers would go, as I have 0 of them occupied.
7. Drill a hole on top of the case and install a fitting for easy filling of the system.
8. Drill a hole on bottom right corner of the case for easy flushing onf the system.
9. Fan/Pump controll open to suggestions. Currently 4 fans are contolled by a Scythe thingie with temp sensors(but no auto controll).
10. Replace side panel with a new plexiglass or tempered glass piece, as this one has scratches from previous owner of the case
11. Somehow refurbish or re-pain the top plastic(power buttons etc)
12. Re-paint case(eventually).
So following this easy 12 step program(pun intended) I came up with the following parts list:

  1. EK 540 Radiator2
  2. Phobia 180mm 700RPM Fan1
  3. Alphacool XP3 CPU Block1
  4. Alphacool 980Ti GPU Block
  5. Corsair RM750x
Still wondering about soft vs. hard tubing and its size (inner / outer diameter). Larger means more flow, but also more liquid for the pump to push. Also not sure what the difference is between the different fin layouts. Some other ideas would be to mount a reservoir flat in the top 3.5 inch slot and have the pump lower, so it can be cooled by fan on the bottom.
You got a good plan :)
If you think soft tubing is also pretty to look at, go for soft tubing, much easier to build (and maintain) and cheaper and less tools needed.
You could buy a small reservoir+pump combination or a DDC pump with these small reservoitops:
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