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First watercooled setup


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Hello everyone !
Im about to build my first rig (already built one with a friend, but he did 95% of the work:053:) and i choose to watercool it. Already watched a lot of tutorials and instruction videos, i still don't seem to understand it all.
Wanted to get it double checked before i order wrong or insufficient parts.

My planned setup:
Rig: CoolerMaster Cosmos II RC-1200-KKN1
Motherboard: Asus Rampage IV Extreme Intel X79 LGA2011
Video card: Gigabyte GeForce GTX TITAN Black 6GB
CPU: Intel Core i7-4930K LGA2011
RAM: Corsair DDR3 32GB(4x8GB) 1600MHz Vangeance CL9
Power: Fortron Aurum PRO 850W
HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB SATA3 (will probably add SSD if the budget allows)

I want to cool the CPU and GPU, what i found till now:
DangerDen DD-M6 Brass CPU Block - LGA 2011, 1155/1156, 1366
Aqua-Computer Kryographics for GTX TITAN acrylic glass, nickel plated - 23550
Bitspower Water Tank Z-Multi 250 - POM BP-WTZM250P-BK

What radiator, pump and fittings (compression) would i need ?
For tubbing i think ill either go with white and use a red coolant or just go for red tubings.
Also, what do you think about 2 tanks ?

Cheers !


Follow the following list to get a complete watercooling setup:


2. Fans:
3a. CPU block
3b. GPU block (if you are going to watercool your GPU also)
(check here which block fits: www.coolingconfigurator.com)
4. Reservoir
5a. Pump
5b. Pump Top (optional if you're choosing a Laing/Swiftech pump)
6. Liquid
7. Tube (explanation about sizes (in Dutch though): slang/fitting formaten)
8. Fittings (dependent on which tube size you choose)
9. Recommended accessories:
Slangknipper (10-40MM)
Spuitfles - 1000ML
PSU Bridging Tool 24 pin
Arctic Silver ArctiClean Reinigingskit 60ML
Arctic Cooling MX-4 Koelpasta (4g)
UV/Kleur lampen

ust select the items you like and fits in your budget and post here your list.
Then we can check if it's all compatible and if you can have better options.


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Hey again, had a lot of stuff on my head and stil haven't finished that build. But i have saved more money for the build.
Yes, i want to watercool GPU and CPU. I see the motherboard can be also watercooled, it's not that common but i would also want to do it.

Things i will be buying (in the next 2-3 weeks) have changed a bit:

buying at morele.net <- still a bit unsure about that setup, considering doing SLI
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I would take the Asus maximus VII Z97. instate of the Z87
It also support the 4770k and future cpu's if you wane upgrade later this year, beginning next year.
Its supports haswell, haswell-refresh and broadwell.
So you don't have to upgrade you motherboard for a while.


And drop the classified if you not going to do massif overclocking.
Its not worth the money.
and you are limited with waterblocks for it.
The best cards are with stock cooler gives you the most choices for waterblocks.


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Been just talking with a friend, trying different setups we came up with that:


For now im not planning to do any overclocking in the near future.
Could you show me a better card for water cooling, from the morele.net store if this one is not good ?


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if you like the 780 ti I personally went for the EVGA 780 ti sc with standard cooler.
GeForce GTX 780 Ti SC - 3072 MB DDR5 03G-P4-2883-KR w Morele.net
It is easy to get waterblocks for it.
Still overclocked on standard pcb.
Are you planed to go later for water cooling.
EVGA 780 ti sc with ACX seem to be very nice and not to noisy.
GeForce GTX 780 Ti ACX 3GB 384bit (03G-P4-2882-KR) w Morele.net
wane go 4k get more GPU RAM per GPU.
Like 780 now with 6gb
example GeForce GTX 780 6GB GDDR5 (384-bit) 2x DVI, Display Port, HDMI - STRIX OC (STRIX-GTX780-OC-6GD5) w Morele.net
But wane save money and get bang for your bugs take a look at the amd cards.
They run very fast only the down site they get hot.
So aftermarket cooler is preferred.
That makes you to be careful to surge which card you buy for support waterblocks.

Wane see if a aftermarket card haves a waterblock. ek supports manny card with not standard pcb's.
But check the site
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