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    Bitspower D5 MOD TOP (Clear "S" Model)

    I've wrote Bitspower & Lily Wong said, that this Product BP-D5TOPACS-BK isn't EOL. It is available.
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    Bitspower D5 MOD TOP (Clear "S" Model)

    Hi. Ist it possible to get the "old" Bitspower D5 Acrylic Top in System again? Here is the Link. https://www.highflow.nl/watercooling/pompen/laing-swiftech/tops/bitspower-d5-mod-top-clear-s-model-bp-d5topacs-bk.html The new One looks a bit ugly. Thanks
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    Hardwarelabs Black ICE GTS Radiators

    HW Labs Black ICE GTS Radiators Hi. Is it possible to get the Black ICE GTS Radiators instead this ugly Dark Matter finish, with the better looked Black Carbon Painting. At Performance-PCS in the US you can get these Black Ice Nemesis 360GTS® Ultra Stealth U-Flow Low Profile Radiator - Black...