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    CM Force 500 Bild

    Hi everybody, I want to introduce you my new MOD CM Special Force 500 1. I made two holes for sata cables 2. I installed SSD frame at the bottom and make a small hole at the right side for HDD 3. I removed this frame to make room for the radiator That's all :) CM...
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    Problem whit my XSPC Pomp 2

    Hi all, i have problem whit my pomps. I have two exactly the same pomps XSPC Pomp 2. http://forum.highflow.nl/f37/y-new-gaming-pc-webtourist-iii-14294/ One month ago the first one ( 1 loop ) stopped working. I sent it to highflow and they replaced it. It is OK but after 1 month (2 days ago) the...
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    Мy new gaming PC - WebTourist III

    Hello everyone I want to show you my new gaming PC but first of all I want to thank you for the excellent service. Thank you HighFlow. I bought the hardware from 4AllShop - Shop and water cooling components from HighFlow Computer Cooling Shop - Uw shop voor PC waterkoeling, luchtkoeling...