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  • Hi,

    Ich komme aus Holland, ich wohne in Arnhem (Arnheim in Deutsch glaube ich :p)

    Hmm oke Rom, (English) what about the earthquake then :O
    I saw your hyperlink in your sig to some photo's from the disaster :(
    It's bad dude.. :(
    Hi folks! many greetings...

    here you have a simple but, for me never before realized and almost complete revision of my specs. The system in question and its construction can also be found at:


    Please feel free, to leave your comments and suggestions there. German, Italian and French are also supported. Alas no Dutch, I am afraid! *g*

    Besides, this is my first water-cooled system ever and I am enjoying the construction/modification/tuning of it every single day. And this is, before I even got started at gaming!

    Anyway, have fun, enjoy and express yourselves with and on the ARAGORN-C2Q project
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