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Recente inhoud door hans_broers

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    Plofbox 600T

    Very Nice! :007:
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    [IN-ACTIVE] EK-Supreme LT UNI Nickel Plexi

    0. Product name EK-Supreme LT UNI Nickel Plexi. 1. On which date did you bought the product? I don't remember the exact date. 2. For how long did you use the product? Used it for about 4 months. 3. Why do you want to sell it? Got an new Block. 4. Is the receipt/invoice still present...
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    Corsair 600TM

    Its been a while sens i've been around here for an UPDATE! just a little update not much at the moment, So here it goes. There will be more soon :).
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    k.3nny & iRis Car project: Honda Civic

    Ho lee chit foo kin fast o.0
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    [VERKOCHT] Silent Pro Hybrid 1050Watt

    You got PM :P
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    [VERKOCHT] 2x corsair sp120 high performance

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    [VERKOCHT] 2x corsair sp120 high performance

    You got a PM :)
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    Corsair 600TM

    as kenny said it dose, not hard to put one in, and thanks for the comment on the build
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    Corsair 600TM

    Well its seems i forgot to post my hardware with this build so ill do so now. Case : Corsair 600TM Mobo : Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD7 (rev. 1.1) CPU : AMD FX 4170 @4.2 (Stock) Mem : 8 GB ( 2 x 4GB ) Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 GPU : XFX 7970 3GB Ghz Edition PSU : Cooler Master GX...
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    Plofbox 600T

    nothing there dude :P
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    [VERKOCHT] Corsair SP120 Quiet Edition High Static Pressure Fan

    So are they sold or not ?
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    Corsair 600TM

    I was thinking about that also after i moved it, so i might do that :P
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    Corsair 600TM

    Quick bad quality Update :P
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    [IN-ACTIVE] Corsair 600T Plexi glass door or Window.

    ill take a look